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Silk Voyage is a retail travel agency specializing in customized journeys in the countries along the Great Silk Road and offers tailormade packages for European tourists, which are always a mixture of culture, nature and adventure.

We position ourselves as a niche service provider within the travel and tourism market by presenting high quality travel experiences with a customized approach.  Silk Voyage – Your one stop tailormade tour facilitator!

About us

Silk Voyage is a unique travel agency and a perfect guide to make European travellers discover the unknown cultural and natural pearls of the Silk Route countries, which are located in the Central Asia and the Caucasus.


The driving force behind Silk Voyage is born and raised in Uzbekistan, Durdona Kadirova, who settled in Belgium 10 years ago. She obviously knows her home country Uzbekistan inside out, but also knows, after spending 20 years abroad in several different countries, what it means to be a tourist or a foreigner…

And thanks to a wide expat life experience she has decided to launch Silk Voyage to offer unforgettable journeys in Central Asian and Caucasus countries, which are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.  

Durdona grew up in the historic city of Shahrisabz. The city’s town centre is a Unesco World Heritage site, and it is the birthplace of the famous 14th century conqueror and ruler Tamerlane.

…..Maybe the passion and perseverance of Tamerlane run through Durdona’s veins… Or was she inspired to start her own business by her parents…? They set an example as owners of the magnificent Kesh Palace Hotel in… exactly, Shahrisabz.

Unknown but…

Few tourists have ever taken the road to the country of Bukhara and Samarkand along the Silk Route, along which can be found colourful textiles and deliciously spicy Asian dishes. And this despite a pleasantly mild climate!

Durdona quite often experiences that Uzbekistan is still unknown and unfamiliar to many:

  • For instance, the one time that her colleagues were in awe of the beauty and richness of the Uzbek silk clothing that she was wearing on a business event…
  • …or when her mother prepared the Uzbek dish ‘Manti’ for her colleagues and nobody could believe that this delicious dim sum variant was typical cuisine of Uzbekistan…..
  • …and then, the astonishment of her Indians friends when being told that ‘their’ Taj Mahal was created by her ‘ancestor’, Sah Jahan from the Timurid Dynasty.

… no longer unloved?

Silk Route countries are the ultimate traveller’s dream. You can still enjoy these countries in peace and tranquillity. Silk Route experience is a dream come through for architecture lovers, heaven on earth for photographers, and the cherry on the cake for amateurs of unknown destinations.

Are you looking for an adventure, or do you prefer a mapped out journey, or does a combination of both appeals You the most? We are much pleased with tailormade solutions, nonetheless on our website You can already find about 50 different examples of our beautiful travel packages, which are always a mixture of culture, nature and adventure. Explore the website and be among the first to discover these genuine exotic locations, from now on available with a genuine Belgian Travel agency!

Silk Voyage develops tailormade journeys in cooperation with its selected local partners. It goes without saying that quality and customers’ satisfaction are key to us. Our team therefore guarantees a quick response to your questions and welcomes your feedback.

So you got a bit curious? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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