Silk Road Heritage – Uzbekistan

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1,650 (incl. VAT) / per person

  • Tour duration 10 days
  • Uzbekistan
  • Min number of people 10
  • Max number of people 14
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The fascinating cultural and informative tour will introduce you to the ancient history and culture of Uzbekistan, the world-famous ancient monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz, and it’s irreplaceable part on the Great Silk Road. Here pulsating cultural life of the heart of a powerful empire of Tamerlane.

We invite you to experience this exciting journey with our partners from Let’s Discover, photographers, Marleen Tutenel and John Reinhard, who are fascinated by Silk Road countries and who will lead & guide you to the most famous historical beauties of the country, which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage. 

By this journey, you will enjoy taking pictures of the ancient cities, which still keep a memory of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, numerous trade caravans and important stopovers on the Great Silk Road. This tour package will bring you a great opportunity to discover the cultural treasures and traditions of the nomadic people who have crossed the region for ages, and of the people who have settled in its cities. And you will explore the sprawling Soviet-style cities and tour three modern capitals of Central Asia.  The ancient Khiva city represents a major centre of the world civilization, being one of the most important components of the Great Silk Road. Further, the path runs to Bukhara and Samarkand through the expanses of the mystical Kyzyl Kum desert and magnificent assemblies from different eras and local traditional lifestyle will impress you utterly.

Cities you will visit

  • Tashkent
  • Khiva
  • Bukhara
  • Shakhrisabz
  • Samarkand


  • TWIN/DBL room accommodation in 3* hotels
  • Full board (3 courses menu)
  • Two Dutch and French speaking photographers
  • Photo shooting workshops in each location
  • Excursions in Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz
  • Local English-speaking Guides in each city
  • Transportation and driver services
  • 1 (one) domestic flight ticket (economy class): Tashkent – Urgench
  • 2 (one) domestic train tickets (economy class): Samarkand – Tashkent, Khiva – Bukhara
  • Entrance tickets to the places of intertest listed in the program
  • Folklore show during the dinner in Khiva khan residence – photo shooting
  • Culinary masterclasses in Khiva (bread), Bukhara (pilaf), Samarkand (manty) – photo shooting, interview with the key personages
  • Visit of potter’s house of Alisher Rakhimov – photo shooting, interview with the key personage
  • National Dancing Folk Show in Nadir Devon Beghi Madrassah

Not included

  • International air tickets
  • Special requests on food and meals, alcohol and soft drinks, which are not part of full board menu
  • Activities during the free time, not part of the tour package (entrance fees, transport service, permits and guide service etc.)
  • Insurances
  • Tips & gratuities and personal expenses

Your journey in brief

Day 1: Arrival in Tashkent from Istanbul (Tashkent City tour)
Day 2: Tashkent (City tour)
Day 3: Tashkent – Urgench (Domestic flight 967km) – Khiva (A road trip 30km/Walking city tour/Culinary masterclass/Folk show program)
Day 4: Khiva – Bukhara (Train 470km)
Day 5: Bukhara (City tour/Culinary masterclass)
Day 6: Bukhara – Samarkand (A road trip 268 km)
Day 7: Samarkand (City tour)
Day 8: Samarkand (A road trip 85 km – City tour in Shakhrisabz) – Samarkand (A road trip 85km for A/C car (through Takhta-Karacha Pass)/140 km for minibuses and coach)
Day 9: Samarkand (City tour) – Tashkent (Train 306km)
Day 10: Tashkent – Departure to Istanbul

Day 1Arrival in Tashkent from Istanbul (Tashkent City tour)

07:15 Arrival in Tashkent. Meet and greet service with ULYSSE TOUR inscription. Transfer to the hotel. Early check-in. Time for refresh & relax after the flight.

10:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

10:30 City tour along the old part of Tashkent:

  • Khazrati Imam Complex consisting of Barak Khan Madrasah (XVI), Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV), Muyi-Mubarak Mosque – storehouse of the well-known Koran of Khalif Osman and gold hair of Prophet Muhammad
  • Djuma Mosque of Khodja Akhrar Vali
  • Kukeldash Madrasah (XVI)

12:30 Visit potter’s house of Alisher Rakhimov, who will show you his works and the process of making

13:30 Lunch at “Basilic” restaurant

Free time for purchases in CHORSU bazaar and souvenir shops

17:00 Visit Tashkent subway (metro) stations.

Dinner at “Sim Sim” restaurant

Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Tashkent.

Day 2Tashkent (City tour)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 Bus excursion around the new part of the city:

  • Independence Square
  • Amir Timur Statue
  • Memorial to the World War II Victims
  • Monument of Courage
  • Alisher Navoi Theater Square

Coffee break

11:00 Visit Museum of Pumpkin
Visit Museum of Madame Tussauds
13:30 Lunch
at “Bek” national restaurant
Drive to Parkent Solar Station

Coffee break

18:00 Visit Ethnopark
19:30 Dinner at the “Obi Hayot” restaurant

Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Tashkent.

Day 3Tashkent – Urgench (Domestic flight 967km) – Khiva (A road trip 30km/Walking city tour/Culinary masterclass/Folk show program)

(Everyday flights, 07:25-08:55)

06:00 Breakfast at the hotel, check-out and transfer to the domestic airport.
07:25 Departure from Tashkent – 08:50 Arrival in Urgench. Meeting at the airport and transfer to Khiva (40 km).

09:30 Excursion along the historical Complex Ichan-Kala in Khiva city (XII-XIX) that is included into the UNESCO World Heritage List: 

    • Citadel Kunya-Ark (XVI-XVI)
    • Muhammad Amin Khan Madrasah
    • Kazi Kalon Madrasah
    • Muhammad Rakhimkhan II Madrasah
    • Ismail Khodja Mausoleum
    • Sayid Allauddin Mausoleum

Coffee break 

13:00 Culinary masterclass on baking national bread “lepeshka” in a clay oven
13:30 Lunch at “Yassaul Bashi” national restaurant.
14:30 Continue excursion:

    • Kalta Minor Tower
    • Tash-Khovli Palace (XIX)
    • Palvan Darvaza (Warriors Gate)
    • Djuma Mosque (X)
    • Allakulikhan Madrasah
    • Ota Darvaza (Father Gate)

Coffee break

17:00 Puppet show in Ichan Qala (addional fee USD 75 pp)
18:00 Check-in the hotel (standard check-in time: from 14:00)
19:00 Dinner at “Zarafshan” restaurant

Overnight stay at the hotel in Khiva.

Day 4Khiva – Bukhara (Train 470km)

09:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

10:00 Hotel check out
Free time for your own exploration: walking around Ichan Qala and taking panoramic photos from the roof of Citadel Kunya Ark

14:00 Lunch at “Caravan” restaurant
15:00 Transfer to the railway station to catch a train to Bukhara 16:30 – 22:25
Dinner on board of the train (dinner boxes)

22:30 Arrival to Bukhara and transfer to the hotel
Check-in (standard check-in time: from 14:00)

Overnight stay at the hotel in Bukhara.

Day 5Bukhara (City tour/Culinary masterclass)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 Full day Bukhara city tour

  • Citadel Ark (IV) – city in the city
  • Bolo-Khauz Mosque (beginning of XX)
  • Ismael Samani Mausoleum: the tomb of representatives of Samanids’ dynasty (end of IX –beginning of X)
  • Poyi Kalon Ensemble (Pedestal of the Great) – religious heart of sacred Bukhara that consists of Minaret Kalon (XII), Kalyan Mosque (XII) and Miri Arab Madrasah (XVI)

Coffee break 

12:30 Culinary master class and lunch on cooking pilaf at “Davlat” national house.
Davlat Toshev is world-famous Uzbek miniature painter from Bukhara. His miniatures had been exhibited in many galleries around the globe. You will also have a chance to try yourself as a miniature painter, as well as to see the rich collection of miniatures in Davlat’s house.

15:00 Continue excursion:

  • Ulugbek Madrasah (1417)
  • Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah
  • Magoki-Attori Mosque (XII-XVI)
  • Kosh-Madrasah Ensemble that consists of Madari-Abdullakhan Madrasah, Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble (XIV-XVII), Nodir Divanbeghi Madrasah, (Abdullakhan’s mother) and Abdullakhan Madrasah.

Coffee break 

18:00 National Dancing Folk Show in Nadir Devon Beghi Madrassah

19:00 Dinner at the “Ipak Yuli” restaurant with fashion show

The show consists of traditional Bukhara style dresses, worn during the Bukhara Emirate and theatric show, where it is demonstrated how silk moved from East to West.

20:00 Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Bukhara.

Day 6Bukhara – Samarkand (A road trip 268 km)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 Half day excursion:
Tour to the trade domes called Coumpol Bazaar (XVI) where tourists can enjoy the
negotiation process and shopping. It includes:

  • Toki Saraffon (the Dome of Money changers)
  • Toki-Telpak Furushon (the Dome of Cap makers)
  • Toki Zargaron (the Dome of jewelers)
  • Tim Abdullakhan (the Center of silk)

11:30 Visit Mahfuza Salimova golden embroidery workshop

Coffee break 

13:00 Lunch at “Minzifa” national restaurant

14:00 Transfer to Samarkand via Gijduvan city to see the ceramic workshop of Alisher Nasrullaev

Coffee break 

18:00 Transfer to the hotel
19:00 Dinner at “Istiqlol” restaurant

Overnight stay at the hotel in Samarkand.

Day 7Samarkand (City tour)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 Full day Samarkand City tour:

  • Famous Registan Square that consists of Madrasah Ulugbek (XV), Madrasah Sher-Dor (XVII), Madrasah Tillya-Kori (XVII)
  • Guri Emir Mausoleum -Tamerlane’s Tomb (XIV-XV)

Coffee break 

12:30 Culinary master-class on cooking “Manty” and lunch in national house of Mubaro Sharipovna

14:00 Continue city tour:

  • Ulugbek Observatory (XV)
  • Afrosiab Museum
  • Architectural Complex Shakh-i-Zinda (XI-XV)
  • Bibi Khanum Mosque (XIV-XV)

Coffee break 

17:30 Visit to Siyob Bazaar for dried fruits, sweets and souvenirs
19:00 Dinner at “Samarkand” restaurant
21.00 Visit Registan square in the evening (with lights)
22:30 Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Samarkand

Day 8Samarkand (A road trip 85 km - City tour in Shakhrisabz) – Samarkand (A road trip 85km for A/C car (through Takhta-Karacha Pass)/140 km for minibuses and coach)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 Transfer to Shakhrisabz

11:00 Shakhrisabz City Tour

  • Amir Timur’s Ak-Saray Palace (White palace, 1380-1404), which is substantially destroyed, but it’s restoring intensively. 
  • Mausoleum Dorus-Saodat («Power Place», XIV) — crypt of Jahangir and Omar (Timur’s sons)

Coffee break 

13:00 Lunch at “Kish Mish” local restaurant

14:00 Continue city tour:

  • Ensemble Dorus-Tilovat («A blue mosque», XIV) — the mausoleum of spiritual instructor Timur Shamsiddin Kulol
  • Gumbazi-Seyidon Mausoleum (XVI)
  • Kok-Gumbaz Mosque (1435)
  • Khazrat-Imam Mosque (XIV)

16:00 Drive back to Samarkand
18:00 Possible to see performance in “El Merosi” costume theatre instead of visit Khovrenko winery

Coffee break 

19:00 Dinner at “Oazis Garden” restaurant
20:00 Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Samarkand

Day 9Samarkand (City tour) – Tashkent (Train 306km)

08:30 Breakfast at the hotel.
09:00 Hotel check out
09:30 City tour:

  • Khodja-Daniil (Daniyar) Mausoleum
  • Memorial complex of Imam al-Bukhari

Coffee break 

13:00 Lunch at “Platan” restaurant

14:00 Visit Khovrenko winery (or possible to see Lali fashion show instead of visit Khovrenko winery), visit Meros paper making factory

Coffee break 

17:00 Transfer to Tashkent by Afrosiab high-speed train at 18:00
Arrival to Tashkent at 20:10 and transfert to the hotel
21:00 Farewell dinner at the “Manas” restaurant

22:30 Transfer to and overnight stay at the hotel in Tashkent.

Day 10Tashkent - Departure to Istanbul

Tashkent – Istanbul departure (Everyday flights, ~09:00-12:20)
06:00 Breakfast at the hotel, check-out and transfer to the airport.

09:15 Departure from Tashkent by TK369 direct flight. 12:10 Arrival in Istanbul.

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi, Ўзбекистон Республикаси), is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia. It is a unitary, constitutional, presidential republic, comprising twelve provinces, one autonomous republic and a capital city. Uzbekistan is bordered by five countries, Kazakhstan to the north; Tajikistan to the southeast; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Afghanistan to the south; and Turkmenistan to the southwest. Once part of the Turkic Khaganate and later Timurid Empires, the region that today includes the Republic of Uzbekistan was conquered in the early 16th century by Eastern Turkic-speaking nomads. The area was gradually incorporated into the Russian Empire during the 19th century, and in 1924 what is now Uzbekistan became a bordered constituent republic of the Soviet Union, known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (Uzbek SSR). Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, it declared independence as the Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991 (officially celebrated the following day). Uzbekistan is officially a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage. The country's official language is Uzbek, a Turkic language written in the Latin alphabet and spoken natively by approximately 85% of the population; however, Russian remains in widespread use. Uzbeks constitute 81% of the population, followed by Russians (5.4%), Tajiks (4.0%), Kazakhs (3.0%), and others (6.5%). A majority of Uzbeks are non-denominational Muslims.
1,650 (incl. VAT)

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