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Which travel advice applies to which country/region? On the website of the Belgian federal government (Foreign Affairs), you can filter on your destination.
The reference in Belgium for travel medicine: on the website about health while travelling of the Institute of Tropical Medicine you can read all about the coronavirus COVID-19.
FPS Economy provides information on the consequences of the coronavirus for travellers. Read more here.
We welcome the US government agency Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for their clear answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the coronavirus.
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Who we are

Silk Voyage is a retail travel agency specializing in customized journeys in the countries along the Great Silk Road and offers tailor made packages for European tourists, which are always a mixture of culture, nature and adventure.

We position ourselves as a niche service provider within tourist market by providing high quality travel experiences with customized approach. Explore our website and be among the first to discover these fantastic exotic locations in a safe and guided way of service with us!

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Silk Road Tour

With its medieval blue-domed cities, kinetic bazaars and remote yurtstays, Central Asia encapsulates the romance of the Silk Road like nowhere else. Most Silk Road trips start in the west part of Central Asia and move toward the Caucasus.

Actually, the length of the Silk Road trip depends on the number of days you would like to stay away. You could easily spend two months on a Silk Road tour, but in 3 or 4 weeks you could see a lot. We have tailor made solutions and invite you to find more than 50 different examples of beautiful travel packages on our website.

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Inspiration & Impressions

Silk Road countries are the ultimate traveller’s dream. You could enjoy these countries in peace and tranquility. Silk Road experience is a dream come true for architecture lovers, heaven on earth for photographers, and the cherry on the cake for those, who likes unknown destinations.

Are you looking for an adventure, do you prefer a mapped out journey or combination of both appeals to you the most? Wanna get unprecedented experience? Get, Set and Plan your journey with Silk Voyage!

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Silk Voyage in the capital city today! Astonishing stand at Brussels Holiday Fair, 3-6 February 2020.

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Traveling the Silk Road | DW Documentary

With its magical buildings, fascinating landscapes and friendly people, Uzbekistan has a lot to offer. It is a country caught between rich traditions and modernity. Wild equestrian games, fairytale palaces and hospitable people proud of their magnificent culture – all this will be encountered by those traveling through Uzbekistan on the Silk Road. The central Asian country borders Kazakhstan to the north and Afghanistan to the south. The journey begins in Samarkand, one of central Asia’s oldest cities.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a nation defined by its natural beauty. Joyously unspoilt mountainscapes, stark craggy ridges and rolling jailoos (summer pastures) are brought to life by semi-nomadic, yurt-dwelling shepherds. Add to this a well-developed network of homestays and visa-free travel, and it's easy to see why Kyrgyzstan (officially the Kyrgyz Republic), is the gateway of choice for many travellers in Central Asia.

Georgia & The Great Caucasus

A trip into the Great Caucasus along Georgia’s northern border is a must for anyone who wants to experience the best of the country. Spectacular mountain scenery, wonderful walks and picturesque old villages with strange defensive towers are all part of a trip to the southern side of Europe's highest mountain range.

Hidden Cities Revealed: Baku

Baku, capital of Azerbaijan has made impressive progress in reshaping its skyline and image - with cutting edge modern buildings and its hosting of international sporting events.
In Baku mankind’s most ancient rituals are giving way to cutting-edge modern architecture.
Once a cultural meeting point, the city is again working towards becoming a world player, where East meets West.

Top sights and attractions of the "Pink City"

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, a country located in the Caucasus, bordering Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. It is largest city of Armenia as well as one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities. Originally designed by Alexander Tamanyan in 1924, Republic Square is the favorite hangout of the locals. With its unique pink neoclassical buildings and the reflecting pool, Republic Square can easily be considered Yerevan’s architectural highlight.

Gorgeous Footage: Journey Through Two of Central Asia’s Stunning 'Stans'

With dramatic mountain landscapes, stark and craggy ridges, and rolling open pastures, it’s easy to see why an adventurous traveler would be drawn to the breathtaking natural beauty of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These two countries are part of the “seven Stans” of Central Asia—an area rich with history that traces back to the mighty conquerors and caravan merchants of the Silk Road. In this short, filmmaker Jorgo Kokkinidis shares the stunning footage from his summer adventure in the heart of Asia.

What Kazakhstan is REALLY Like

The world’s ninth-biggest country is the most economically advanced of the ‘stans’, thanks to its abundant reserves of oil and most other valuable minerals. This means generally better standards of accommodation, restaurants and transport than elsewhere in Central Asia. But it's beyond the cities that you'll find the greatest travel adventures, whether hiking in the high mountains and green valleys of the Tian Shan, searching for wildlife on the lake-dotted steppe, enjoying homespun hospitality in village guesthouses, or jolting across the western deserts to remote underground mosques.

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