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Наши эксклюзивные проекты

Let’s Discover, represented by Marleen Tutenel and John Reinhard

Message from our Partners:

Join us on the road and visit and photoshoot the most beautiful countries on the Silk Road!

We have received a great love for Uzbekistan. Every time we visit this Central Asian country, we become more and more passionate. What a photogenic country! With our experienced photographers and expert guides, we organize unforgettable journeys through the almost unknown Uzbekistan. From a technical point of view, the journey is in excellent hands of the Antwerp-based tour operator Silk Voyage.

The world is getting smaller. Destinations that we had barely heard about until recently are increasingly coming to the fore. Our agency Let’s Discover is ready to provide you with an inspiring journey with many unique photo spots and educational workshops.

The journey together with Marleen Tutenel and John Reinhard, the photographers on duty, you are more than a tourist, we make you and your partner a true explorer of untouched and exotics destinations.

With our travel packages we take you to almost undiscovered locations, one even more beautiful than the other. Always with a lot of insight for the best photographic position and packed with tips on the best-to-use aperture.

We, photographers from Let’s Discover, feel ourselves the Inspirers of this fantastic photo shooting trip, which is organized and facilitated by our selected partner Silk Voyage.

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