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Поделитесь своей историей и помогите нам улучшить свою работу!

  • Your feedback be at least 50 words.
  • We are looking more for factual guides to a specific destination. For example, “Top 10 Things to do in _____” or “A 7 Day Itinerary to _____”.
  • Silk Voyage does not pay for your posts.
  • Silk Voyage reserve the right to make edits to your ports and / or to remove your post from our site at a future date should we see a reason to do so without notification.

  • Please only submit photos you own the rights to and that have been taken by you. DO NOT submit any photos that you have sourced from the internet or from an image website. You are solely responsible for ensuring that any images uploaded via this form are your own and are not copywritten. If the photos submitted were taken of you by a photographer, please provide the name of the photographer to be credited.
  • Please submit 1-3 photographs. Horizontal images are preferred.
  • Please include at least one high resolution photo that has you in it for Silk Voyage’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram pages).
  • Please edit your images before submitting.
  • Please submit photos that are in JPEG format between 250KB-500KB.

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